How to travel smart & read the fine prints of tour packages and to compare products apple to apple:

Most of the travel companies are very smart when they post and or show their tour packages. They show a attractive price to you so that you will get attracted to the pack ages. Then the real game starts. You then came to know that flight is either not included or included flight is reaching late and departing early from the destinations. The flights are of longer durations, may stops than expected and large layovers. This is done most of the time just to cut costs. Then you come to know that all meals are not included. Most of the time only breakfast is included (which is most of times comes with your accommodation).

Most travel companies excludes taxes, visa and travel insurance. These are essential part of your travel. You also need to check the taxes component which you can not escape. The real deal is in the duration of your travel. Generally when you are traveling for 5 nights doesn’t mean that you are traveling for 6 days. Your arrival and departure from the destination you are traveling to is very important. Do read these things carefully. The inclusions of the sightseeing and transfers plays a crucial role in tour price. Small exclusions may give a look that you are getting a best deal but it may turn into a disaster.

At Travelyam, we believe in transparency and honesty. All our tours are beautifully designed by experts to suit your needs. Also hotels are handpicked to provide you a best hospitality and ambience. Hotel categories are clearly mentioned along with names. All taxes are always included in tour price.

Hope with this information you will be able to choose the right package and right company.